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Kerberos Kingdom!

In the Kerberos Kingdom, you need a ticket to do anything, including get a ticket! Can you navigate the maze of security protocols to get all of the puzzle pieces and assemble the web page, before the user gets bored?

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I'll update the blog!


i found how to get images to show. i had the paths wrong. i had to use a pc to debug my javascript, oh well. i figured out the images when making this mockup for work.


that week came and went. i'm at a bus stop heading to Spanaway for a gaming weekend.

the battle i'm fighting now is just to get image media to show. for some reason my image links aren't loading on my phone. i think next i'll try to hide the chrome on mobile.


this has been a big weekend for this new game I'm working on. i forgot the password for my other neocities account, so I had to start over with this one.

i've got a background up and my old game code over it. hopefully basic gameplay will come together this week after work.